Keep your data safe

Keep your data safe

Safe clouds (Efficient protection)

Office 365 handles any problems with potential data losses through the use of cloud storage and continuous access to all of your documents and applications from any location and any device. The built-in security measures guarantee protection from threats such as malware, spam or data extortion.

Keeping data under control, even on mobile devices

A few clicks allow administrators to decide on the access rules for mobile devices (password and double logging settings), and they can also delete all company data from stolen devices with one command.

Safety and reliability guaranteed

Users pay special attention to matters related to security. Office 365 complies with international data security standards and is ISO ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified. The service is regularly audited. Microsoft's cloud is the first such service in the world with a certificate for compliance with the protection of personally identifiable information in public clouds: ISO 27018, which means that the data stored in the cloud is never used for marketing purposes without the knowledge of our clients.