Manage and organize

Manage and organize

Managing work, people and information

Office 365 takes people and resource management to a whole new level. Using SharePoint means that you finally wave goodbye to post-its and notes on your desk. You set up a team or department site with tasks based on a time axis and role descriptions that include information on previous documents and projects.

Manage your team

The Exchange services lets you share calendars with other employees, e.g. device or car booking, leave or absence information and important meetings. The meeting organizer function helps you find the best date for the chosen participants. Sharing enables you to track individual calendars and manage tasks for you and your team.

Department and project mailboxes

Each employee working in a department or on a project can have an additional mailbox, which gives them access to documents and their various versions from the e-mail level. All documents are properly grouped and connected with the correct departments or projects and shared with appropriate employees. Messages sent to project or department addresses are directed to all of their members and changed documents update automatically without the need for sending messages every time a modification has been made.

Social platform

A platform for exchanging ideas, asking questions and receiving answers, where the observation of the work of others is not just a new means of communication - it is a repository of knowledge about the company and its experts. You simply need to click to share a document from any Office application, ask a specialist for help and receive it instantly. You can also publish reports and other documents, share your comments with co-workers and receive feedback.