Save both time and money

Save both time and money

Meet anywhere

Do you have a meeting or a presentation at 7 in the morning or late at night? Getting to work taking more than a couple of hours? Or maybe your business trips generate too many costs? Face these challenges by creating meetings online, wherever your are without additional costs!

HD quality videoconference

Skype for Business allows HD quality group calls with people from around the globe! The ability to share desktops, vote or use a board to create notes positively affects your group's efficiency. This communication platform allows you to invite clients and partners who do not use Skype for Business – all they need is a web browser.

Limiting the costs

Skype for Business enables you to talk to and meet your co-workers as well as people from outside your company, limiting the costs of calls or business trips. Using Skype for Business allows effective cost projections, which is especially important for small businesses. Payment is possible with the use of annual or monthly plans, according to your individual needs.